3 Practical Pool Deck Repair Options

As soon as the first crack is noticeable, it can get quite nerve-wracking because it may signal the beginning of more concrete pool deck damage to come. In the past, the solution would be to just ignore it as long as it won’t cause death or to have the whole pool decking removed and then a new one installed. The former is insane and the latter is expensive. Fortunately, there are practical concrete repair Las Vegas and pool deck repair solutions for various types of concrete damage.

Before choosing from the variety of pool deck options, it is important to first determine the cause of the damage. If the crack or hole is a symptom of a more critical damage within the slab, then it might need more than a repair. But if it is just a surface issue, or something fixable from the surface, then it can be repaired by one of the following repair options:

pool deck resurfacingConcrete Resurfacing

Resurfacing an inground pool deck is an ideal solution for minor surface damage, such as cracks, scales, and pits. As soon as the gaps are filled and leveled, a new pool deck coating or overlay can be spread on top. Textures can be added through concrete stamping wherein a stamp mat is used to imprint a pattern or design. A spray knockdown finish, which is sprayed onto the pool deck, gets its subtle stucco texture when the acrylic concrete coating is knocked down with a hand trowel immediately after spraying. The pool deck resurfacing cost is surprisingly low despite the variety of design and color options available.


pool deck with custom scorelineExpansion Joints or Scorelines

There are two types of cracks: working and non-working. Non-working cracks are those that are caused by weight, usage, or impact and is often a surface issue. It can easily be repaired with a crack filler or caulking. Working cracks, on the other hand, are caused by regular movement of which nature is responsible for. For working cracks, an expansion joint can be cut into the concrete along with the crack to give the slab enough room to move without causing additional cracks. The cuts can be done in a grid-like pattern to make it look like a tiled deck, or in a custom pattern, like that of natural stone pavers.


colored concrete pool deckColored Concrete

Concrete is a very porous material which is why it gets easily stained by paint, grease, red wine, and other liquids that could get spilled on the pool deck. Concrete also has the tendency to discolor on its own. It may start out as a fresh gray surface and then turn into a brownish color in some areas of the deck as time goes by. To get rid of ugly stains or discoloration, coloring the concrete is one of the best pool deck plans that comes highly recommended. Stains, dyes, and pigments provide the surface with a brand new look, thanks to the wide selection of standard and custom colors available.

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