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A pool deck is an essential element in any pool area. It provides a place to walk and lounge right before you plunge into the pool. Since it would have as much purpose as the :as Vegas pool itself, it needs to be built with the most durable of materials. For decades, concrete has always been a reliable material for swimming pool decks. However, not at an aesthetic level. As the years progressed and new innovative methods are being discovered, concrete has gained more prominence as a decorative option for pool decks and more.

Pool Deck Resurfacing, Refinishing & Repair

A boring swimming pool deck could totally affect the level of enjoyment that you should be able to experience. Fortunately, there are things that can be done to make it more appealing and more functional.
pool deck surround with resurfacing

Pool Deck Resurfacing – If the pool deck is damaged only at the top, there is no need to tear it out and replace it with another. A thin layer of overlay or coating is enough to give it a new surface. This is an effective solution for covering up minor surface damage or for updating its appearance.

Pool Deck Refinishing – If the slab is still in perfectly good shape but not appealing enough, refinishing it can do the trick. Think of it as changing the paint on a wooden door, but not changing the door. It can be with concrete stains or with pool deck sealers. This is ideal for covering up stubborn stains and discolored concrete.

Pool Deck Repair – Concrete is a highly repairable material. Cracks can be filled, spall offs can be resurfaced, and discoloration can be evened out with color.

Concrete Overlays and Pool Deck Coatings

Concrete pool decks are durable. However, with all the harmful elements it is exposed to, damage will soon find its way to the slab. There are decorative concrete coatings and overlays that you can use to revive the old slab and give it a new life. These swimming pool deck resurfacing coatings can enhance the appearance of the pool deck, improve its function, and extend its lifespan, all at an affordable price.

Stamped Concrete Overlay – The installation process starts with the preparation of the concrete pool deck, clearing it of dirt and debris. The stamped concrete overlay is then installed on the surface and leveled with a trowel or roller brush. Once the overlay stamped concrete gets a bit firm, the installers need to work double time to lay out the stamp mats and give each one enough pressure to ensure that the pattern gets transferred. Popular stamped concrete pool deck patterns include brick, flagstone, slate, ashlar, European fan, and more.

Spray Knockdown Texture – If you know what stucco is, you would get a bit of an idea of what a spray texture or concrete texturing is. The coating, similar to Kool Deck, is sprayed on the existing concrete pool deck and the splattered material is knocked down using a trowel. The texture that the spray-down method creates is similar to a stucco wall but with a less intense surface. This coating creates a slip resistance surface that is also cool to the feet.

Stained Concrete – Concrete staining is one of the most reliable types of colored concrete solutions. The stain penetrates past the surface, taking advantage of concrete’s porosity. Despite this, the color remains rich and vibrant. Stains come in two types: Acid and Water-based. Acid staining yields dramatic effects and varying color tones whereas staining with the water-based type creates more uniform colors all throughout the pool deck.

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