6 Pool Deck Ideas For Keeping Kids Safe Around The Pool

Drowning is the leading cause of deaths for children 1 to 4 years old. About 87% occur in residential pools. 

This is very unfortunate because this type of cause can be prevented. There are many ways that can be done to keep this from happening to your kids or even to your neighbor kids, in case they wander into your pool area.

Tips To Prevent Accidents Around The Pool

Make The Pool Deck Slip-Resistant

pool deck with custom scoreline

Some children fall into the pool unintentionally. It may be because they have slipped on the deck and fell over the edge. 

To keep this from happening, choose a slip-resistant pool deck material. If you already have an existing concrete pool deck, a stamped overlay or spray texture is good for using a resurfacing material. It is non-skid, durable, and affordable.

Help Children Learn to Swim

Mother teaching her son to swim

Swimming may be an optional activity for kids but it could equip them with skills that they could use in any situation where swimming or staying afloat is required. 

There are several summer swimming lessons that your child can enroll for. If you can do it yourself, teaching your child will not only help save his life but will give you two the opportunity to do something together. 

Make sure not to push them but let them learn at their own pace.

Supervise Children At All Times In Or Around The Pool

No safety measure could ever replace the effectivity of adult supervision. It should be someone who is alert and has his eyes on the child at all times, not one who is reading or tinkering with their phone. 

If possible, hold the child’s hand. If the child doesn’t want that, make sure you are near enough to grab them, catch them, or be able to jump into the water to rescue them. 

Drowning, especially among children, is not as noisy and slow as those depicted in movies. Most kids drown immediately and quietly.

Install Barriers Along the Edge of the Pool

Pool Fence

The most common barrier is pool railings. Not only does this provide a device for swimmers to hold on to, it also keeps children from having direct access to the swimming pool. 

There are removable fences that you could try. These should be high and non-climbable. Fences come with self-closing gates that swing away from the pool, reducing the possibility of pushing the gate open.

Install A Pool Drain Cover

pool drain cover

Pool drain suctions are strong enough to hold an adult underwater for a long time. It is important to use an anti-entrapment drain cover to keep that from happening, especially for children.

Use A Pool Cover

When the pool is not in use, cover it up. Pool covers are often used during Fall and Winter. There are many different types out there. Make sure to consult an expert to find the one most suitable for your needs.

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