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Tired of dull and boring concrete floors in your home or commercial space? Want to enhance the aesthetics and add a touch of uniqueness to your property? Traditional concrete can lack personality and excitement, leaving your space feeling uninspired and uninviting. Without an appealing floor, your property may not fully reflect your style and taste, potentially affecting the overall ambiance and value.

Imagine stepping into a space with dull, gray, and unappealing concrete floors. Your guests or customers might perceive it as lackluster and ordinary. Deterioration and cracks in the concrete might even give an impression of neglect and poor maintenance, lowering the appeal and property value.

Fear not, because Las Vegas Concrete Artisans is here to transform your concrete floors into a masterpiece of art! Our expert team of skilled artisans is passionate about creating vibrant and durable colored concrete floors tailored to your specific needs. We offer an array of beautiful colors and designs that will breathe life into your space, making it an unforgettable visual experience.

Why You Should Color Concrete Surfaces

Although affordable, colored decorative concrete provides a lot of benefits that you will surely love, such as:

  • Wide Selection of Colors – Depending on the type of coloring material you use, the colors may range from earthy tones to pastels. You can mix and match them to create more interesting looks.
  • Nature-like Appearance – If you have a stamped concrete surface that features a stone or wood pattern, the addition of color can make it look more realistic.
  • Solution for Stains and Discoloration – Decorative concrete coloring is an effective solution for ugly stains and discolored concrete. Depending on the material used, the color may either disguise it or cover it up completely.
  • Affordability – Coloring decorative concrete surfaces in Las Vegas, NV is one of the most economical decorative concrete options in revamping an old concrete slab.

Top Options for Coloring Concrete : Acid and Water-based

Stained Concrete

The highly recommended method for color concrete projects is concrete staining. Concrete staining solutions come in acid and water-based form. Acid stains create special effects through a chemical reaction between the metallic salts in the stain and the natural lime and minerals in concrete. Water-based concrete staining coatings are non-reactive. This stained concrete solution produce consistent colors all throughout.

By harmoniously blending design, staining, and polishing techniques, we transformed the concrete floor into a remarkable canvas. With a seamless fusion of acid or water-based concrete staining, complemented by the durability of the cement and protective sealer, the resurfaced floor now boasts an enchanting interplay of colors and textures, showcasing the timeless beauty of your concrete floor.

Integral Color

This is a powdered coloring material that is mixed into an existing concrete mix before it is poured and leveled. Because it is integrated into the pour, the colors are more subtle but long-lasting.


Also in powder form, this coloring material is broadcasted onto the surface of a new pour or decorative concrete overlay while it is still wet. The color embeds itself on the surface and dries along with the concrete.


This comes in solvent and water-based forms. It dries to a semi-translucent color and may not effectively cover up most blemishes.

Enhance your concrete with color today. Call (702) 389-9442 for more colored concrete options.

In creating a stunning concrete stained floor, people can unleash their creativity by using a variety of designs, stencils, and finishes, along with different types of concrete dyes, to achieve a unique style that complements the room’s design. The application of dyes requires tips and expertise, but with quality products and a reliable sealer, the result will be a captivating floor that beautifully blends content and style.

Color plays a huge role in making any concrete flooring stand out. Las Vegas Concrete Artisans is a leading decorative colored concrete company that offers concrete coloring services such as concrete staining for both residential and commercial settings. We specialize in stained concrete for indoor and outdoor concrete surfaces, such as patios, pool decks, driveways, interior concrete floors, and more.

Let color increase the value of your home. Call us today to learn more about our stain oncrete services and for a complimentary consult and quote.

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