Stone Pool Deck Plans: How to Pull It Off

A swimming pool is more than just a luxury. It is a place for enjoyment, family bonding, exercise, and relaxation. With all these, it might as well be a necessity. Sometimes, the traditional type just does not give the fulfillment your heart is yearning for. For the ultimate swimming and lounging experience, why not go for a natural stone deck? You can use real stones, a stamped stone overlay, or faux stones for this type of design. Regardless of what material you go for, here are some ideas to help you pull it off.

 Natural Stone Coping

Stone is one of the most timeless and expensive materials around. Crafting the pool coping with stone will definitely the entire pool area look more elegant. The coping is one of the best places where you could use stone. The beauty of the material frames the swimming pool and adds just the right character to the entire deck. You can opt for the bullnose-type which is a piece that looks like an inverted L, covering both the edge of the deck and the edge of the pool. If your budget is limited, have a contractor pour concrete on the coping and stamp it with a natural stone pattern.

Stone Paver Deck

Stone pavers are interlocking pavers that come in a wide range of patterns, shapes, and colors. This is a more affordable alternative to real stone pieces that requires skillful masonry. The base is first prepared. The installer will create a border or frame that will hold the pavers in place. Since the pavers are not sealed with grout or concrete, it needs support to keep it intact. The gaps are filled out with polymeric sand to keep weed from growing and to make the surface leveled, thus, safer to walk on.

Pebbled Pool Deck

Instead of large pieces of rocks, why not use the ever-versatile pebbles on the pool deck? These give the deck a textured surface that makes it resistant to slips and falls. Multi-colored pebbles give a unique look that is subtle yet absolutely stunning. You can also use different colors on different sections of the deck, creating a pattern. The great thing about pebbles is that it can be used on the deck, as a coping, and even as a pool bottom material.

Nature-Inspired Water Features

The addition of water features, like waterfalls or a fountain, is a valuable investment. You can use stones to make it look more like a natural waterfall. Contractors highly recommend the use of Faux stones. The weight of the real thing might be too much for the deck to hold.

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