How Much Does Pool Service In Las Vegas Cost Me?

Pool cleaning in Las Vegas usually costs around $190 per month. That is an average cost. Cost also will depend on where you live. Charges may vary depending on who you call to do the service. 

Pool guys who do regular pool services twice more than the standard pool cleaning cost. If you want to avoid this scenario, why not consider hiring an expert pool service like pool resurfacing Las Vegas?

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Aside from maintaining a clean swimming pool, you would also want to look at essential other factors that go with cleaning, such as:

  • When should I resurface my pool decks?
  • Should I call a pool repair service?
  • How much will it cost to maintain a 1000 gallon pool?
  • How much to replaster a pool?
  • How should I pay for pool service?
  • How much does weekly pool service cost?

Resurfacing pool decks does not only involve cleaning, but you need this to manage your pool from getting damages and prevent issues from getting worse!

Pool Services You Must Have

Pool resurfacing or repairs and cleaning are essentials to your swimming pool. A pool cleaning is a must at least twice or thrice a week, especially if you own a commercial pool.

To make cost-saving decisions, you need expert pool contractors to offer you maintenance services. You can have both cleaning and repairs right away. 

Paying for two different services will cost you more. Usually, regular pool guys for hire will only clean the pool water, which includes washing the pool decks and filter systems. But how about if they see cracks or issues forming on the decks and other poor surfaces? 

Here comes the role of pool resurfacing experts.

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How Much Does Pool Resurfacing Cost?

A pool resurfacing, on average, costs 7$ per square foot. That includes basic repair. But, it can sum up to a total of $100,00 for resurfacing high-end pools, especially for properties in Las Vegas.

A typical range for regular pool resurfacing from low-end pool requirements to standard, small residential pools, the cost ranges from $7 to $15 per square or a total of around $700 to $1500.

Things You Must Consider When Hiring Pool Service

Consider these five things to guide you when choosing a pool service provider for your pools:

1- References

If you’re having a hard time looking for pool service and repairs, check some references first. How do you do this? You can ask questions like:

  • How much does a pool guy cost per month?
  • Who are the local pool cleaning contractors in your area?
  • Did they do any job before? How did it go?

Reputable services quickly come to your attention when others refer to them.

Check around your neighborhood. It will help to ask a friend who also owns a pool. One of the most effective ways to get in touch with effective service is through referrals.

2- Reliability

Look for reliable service providers. Once you check out some referrals, check these guys inline or visit their local service area. Get some background checks. Also, check out factor number 3 to assure ones’ reliability.

3- Experience

Ask for any person’s experience about a job or expertise they do. You will know how reliable they are by how much they know. To do this, ask the right questions. Go back to the list above to get familiar with some of the important things to ask.

4- Versatility

A pool contractor who listens to your ideas to incorporate in their pool resurfacing shows versatility. Do you get annoyed when working with experts who tend to push their ideas and reject or change designs you have in mind only to disappoint you when you see the outcome?


It is rare to find versatile professional Las Vegas pool contractors to adapt to custom designs that the clients provide and still create quality results. Good thing, a pool service team like the Las Vegas Concrete Artisans can custom-create pool deck designs and offer both repair and cleaning services.

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