PAVERS VS. STAMPED CONCRETE: A GUIDE (Costs, Installation, Maintenance)

Concrete patios are gradually becoming a trend with Las Vegas concrete contractor. Now the numbers who are going for concrete resurfacing are increasing in numbers.

As a homeowner, it is important to make your home look good. This includes the outside area of your house, especially your patio. In planning for upgrading your patio, some things need to be considered, like the materials used, cost of installation, how long the installation process will be, and how hard it is to maintain. Note some of the tips you might want to consider in choosing the right material for your deck or patio.

Below is an in-depth comparison between pavers and stamped concrete for your patio or deck.

stamped concrete vs pavers


The standard cost for using pavers is $20-$30 per square foot. An additional $10-$30 per square foot will be added for labor costs depending on the upgrade plan’s difficulty.

On the other hand, stamped concrete costs anywhere between $16-$18. More intricate designs and plans may cost up to $20 per square foot. Looking at these statistics, we can say that using stamped concrete is more budget-friendly than the more costly option of using pavers.

paver patio

Installation Duration

An average 1000 square foot patio that uses pavers as the material will take about four to five days, with four to five laborers to complete, hence making pavers a more labor-intensive option. On the other hand, stamped concrete is easier and faster to install. Once the fresh concrete is poured, it will only take a small amount of time before it hardens, making this a less labor-intensive option between the two.

stamped concrete patio


Patios with pavers and bricks may begin to loosen up and settle, making surfaces in your patio uneven. In order for this to be fixed, stone pavers and bricks need to be removed and the ground leveled once again before installing the new pavers and bricks. Another thing that needs to be considered for using pavers is growing weeds.

Stamped concrete, in contrast, would only require sealer every three to five years, thus making it easier to maintain compared to pavers and stone bricks. But, stamped concrete, if not done right, may have cracks, especially if the mixture of concrete and water is too dry. White stains may also appear on stamped concrete surfaces if not sealed properly.

stamped concrete patio

Comparison Summary

Below is a summary of comparisons and differences between pavers and stamped concrete in patios.



Stamped Concrete


$20-$30 per square foot, does not include labor fee

$16-$18 per square foot, depending on the difficulty of the plan


It takes 4 to 5 days to complete, with four to five workers, more labor-intensive.

It can be completed within two days, needs three to five days before it can be used.


Pavers require more maintenance, prone to uneven surfaces and weeds.

Concrete requires less maintenance if installed correctly; it would only need sealers every three to five years. 

There it is. Hope this guide helps in choosing the perfect material for your patio. Remember that asking for an expert’s advice would help a lot, so it is still best to have a professional assess and give a quote that perfectly suits your needs as a homeowner.

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