Watch These Iconic Flicks Filmed In Vegas To Inspire Outdoor And Indoor Decor

The Sin City has had its fair share of screen time in movies. Films shot in Vegas include the critically-acclaimed, some fan favorites and even movies in the indie scene. 

For this list, we’ll only feature the best among the rest. So before you go on ahead in decorating your outdoor and indoor decor, you might want to draw inspiration from these iconic films.

Award Winning Movies Filmed In Las Vegas

The Godfather (1972)

the godfather concrete pool deck


We only get a glimpse of Vegas in this film, but both the scene and the movie is so iconic that we couldn’t leave it out. 

The scene featured Michael Corleone visiting his brother. It opens with a dazzling montage of the signs and lights that line the Las Vegas strip. 

Take a cue from this particular scene and include various colors of led lighting along your pool deck. Not only does it make for an inviting swimming pool area when the night falls, but it also adds a fun twist. Doing this tastefully can prove to be a challenge, but the results are rewarding.

Ocean’s Eleven (2001)

Men standing facing a luxurious building


There is no way Ocean’s Eleven won’t make it in this list. We’re featuring the 2001 remake of the 1960 Rat Pack version just to keep it on the modern side. 

The George Clooney film resonates most with today’s audiences as it features some of the brightest stars of the 2000’s including Brad Pitt, Matt Damon and Julia Roberts. 

The iconic fountain scene at the end of the film is one that rightfully left its mark among audiences. Doesn’t it make want to install water features of your own? 

If so, a traditional fountain or a reflective pool is a great focal point for any outdoor area. While you’re at it, pair it with a beautifully laid out stamped concrete overlay to really elevate the area.

The Hangover (2009)

Caesar's Place The Hangover


While The Godfather featured Vegas in a serious and more sinister tone, and Ocean’s Eleven was all about business, this next movie gets down and dirty to make audiences laugh. 

The Hangover is considered one of the greatest comedy films of the past decade, possibly of all time even. 

Who could get over the luxurious Hangover Suite of Caesar’s Palace? Take inspiration from the lavish interior design of this two-bedroom suite. 

It features plush couches, hip mood lights, textured walls, beaded chandeliers and mahogany furnishings. 

Applying these elements to your interior design will make your indoor spaces absolutely gush-worthy. 

If you ever plan on going overboard with a full remodel, just take note that the suite also features three seating areas and a wet bar.

Consult with your local decorative concrete contractor to see how you can achieve these looks for yourself. 

With decorative concrete, you’ll be able to have a beautiful and function indoor or outdoor area. Renew, revamp, and remodel your concrete surfaces with stamped, stained, or polished concrete applications. Visit our homepage to know more.

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