How to Make a Commercial Pool Standout in Vegas

With all the glitz and glam in The Fabulous Las Vegas Nevada, it’s can be quite difficult to make a mark. The same goes for commercial swimming pools. Either you go big or go home to be able to compete with the most luxurious swimming pools in the state. It can be quite overwhelming with all the enhancements and improvements that can be done to a swimming pool area. If you don’t know where exactly you should start, get a clue and read on.

Put Up a Miniature Water Fall

pool deck resurfacingWater features are big in Las Vegas pools. It won’t hurt to put up one for your own. Instead of the usual water fountains, bring on the extravagance with a miniature waterfall. It’s a decorative element that can enhance the look of your swimming pool. Not only that, it makes the pool more attractive to potential customers, especially to excited kids.

A Spin on the Classic Water Slide

pool slide

Water slides are a staple to make a swimming pool look inviting to vacationing tourists. Instead of the classic water slide, have one built that goes through the water not just above it. You’ll need an insanely large swimming pool for this one, but as we’ve mentioned earlier: Go big or go home.

Get Realistic

beach poolIncorporating natural elements into your swimming pool is a great way to give a realistic feel. Salt-water swimming pools are big nowadays. Pair this with actual white sand and natural rock formations. This will look great as it accompanies a miniature waterfall. Now that’s sure to leave anyone in aw.

Add Glass Features

glass swimming poolIs there really anything cooler than being able to see what’s going on under the water? Glass features are great for this. These can be used as partitions for kiddie pools. I’m sure you’ve seen hotels where you have a huge glass wall with the pool on the other side. Take after them because that’s one that will never get old.

Get the Whole Pool Deck Resurfaced

pool deck resurfacing las vegasAn unsightly pool deck with cracks and leveling slabs simply won’t do. These are bad for the business and are certainly an eyesore. Before you get to all the different enhancements, pool deck resurfacing is a must. Embellish it with intricate patterns or the look of natural stone. Make it absolutely luxurious for everyone who wants to take a splash.

Aside from all this extravagance, there are decorative options available. Pool decking Las Vegas resurfacing and other services can transform your pool deck into a stunning work of art. If you want more information regarding these services or about pool deck resurfacing in Las Vegas, visit our homepage.

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