Important Factors to Consider for Indoor Stained Concrete

Concrete stain is a versatile colored concrete material. It can be used on both old and new slabs, whether it is in an indoor or outdoor setting. 

Before you stain your concrete surfaces, it is important that you use the right type of stain. Here are important factors you must consider when choosing a product for indoor staining.

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Staining Indoor Concrete Floor

  • The package should mention if the stain is for indoor use only or for both indoor or outdoor surfaces. Often, indoor types of stains contain less VOC, thus, do not emit a strong odor and won’t cause irritation to skin and eyes.
  • Staining indoors requires a lot of preparation. Because stains get absorbed easily, it is important to cover the walls and other items nearby so that stain splatters won’t get to them.
  • You can choose from concrete acid stain and water-based stain. One of the influential factors to help you choose which type to use is the look you are trying to achieve. If you want a stone or leather-like look on your floor, an acid stain can achieve that. If you want consistent colors or if you are planning a specific pattern on the floor, a water-based stain is an ideal choice.
  • You must check your floor for moisture. It is common for indoor concrete to emit moisture. This will affect the staining process so it must first be checked and resolved before you can begin the staining process.

Must-Do for Indoor Stained Concrete

Although the set-up is indoors, it is still important to use a sealer on top of the stain. This will serve as a protective barrier against spills, dust, and other elements that could damage the floor and affect the color of the stain. 

The sealer will also enhance the color further and add a bit of shine on the floor, giving it a well-polished look that does not require waxing or buffing.

Indoor floors need not be covered in tiles or carpets as traditional homes usually do. Concrete is an ideal and affordable material for floors in the living room, kitchen, hallway, bedrooms, and in other rooms within a home. 

Stained concrete can make your indoor floors a lot more interesting and presentable so that you won’t have to put up with the plain gray appearance of raw concrete. As long as you consider the factors mentioned above, you can rest assured that your stained indoor concrete floors will be one of the best investments you will ever make.


Indoor concrete floors may not be something you would favor especially in times when carpets, wood, tile, and other high-end flooring materials are more preferable. 

If you are not keen about the plain gray look of raw concrete, why not have it stained? But before you begin the staining process or hire someone to do it for you, you must first understand the factors that will influence the success of the job. 

You must use a stain made for indoor use. You must make sure that your floor does not have moisture issues. You must also choose the right stain type and prepare the area well enough to prevent a mess that can’t be cleaned up.

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