Epoxy Flooring Vs Polished Concrete

The most practical industrial concrete flooring Las Vegas nowadays are epoxy and polished concrete. They are both cost-efficient, low maintenance, and tough. If you have a garage or a commercial property and you’re deciding which material to use on the surface, you’re not alone. Many industrial property owners are struggling to decide between these two, as they are the top choices that go toe to toe in the flooring industry.

What is Epoxy Flooring?

Once used as a standard material for warehouse floors, epoxy is not just durable. With new design and color applications, it can create beautiful, highly reflective surfaces that can instantly perform a makeover to any room.

Epoxy is actually plastic – really strong plastic. It is resistant to chemical spills, abrasions, chipping, and damage from heavy traffic due to its astounding weight bearing capacity.

It can be laid on top of concrete and provides a seamless and smooth surface and hides imperfections. Its minimalist, uncluttered effect seems to levitate everything that’s put on it, and its vibrant colors seem to beam every hue and accent.

One can say that it creates a serene atmosphere. But what about Polished Concrete?

What is Polished Concrete?

Polished concrete is created by grinding existing concrete floors with special grinding machines that polish treated concrete to form a smooth, buffed surface. How pretty is it compared to epoxy?

Both systems are expected to give a unique look to your floor. They both give a smooth surface that doesn’t peel and is resistant to scratches. They are both reflective, and they reduce accumulation of waste due to their smooth and seamless surface that is easy to clean and maintain.

While polished concrete is less light reflective than epoxy floor coatings, both can offer the same vibrant, professional, and seamless look that most industries look for. They are actually almost identical with regards to the effects and designs they create.

How tough are both?

Polished concrete increases the density concrete and makes it virtually indestructible. So you can already imagine how cost-efficient it is and how easy it is to maintain. All it generally needs is damp mopping to keep it looking brand new. It is very cost efficient, last a long time before needing to be refurbished.

You can say the same about epoxy coatings. Although to a degree, epoxy is better when it comes to protecting against harsh chemicals, food and beverage, and other manufacturing processes. It is widely accepted that epoxy exceeds polished concrete in this department.

Which one is cheaper?

Epoxy cost about twice more than polished concrete. Epoxy repair cost substantially more compared to polished concrete.

So which one do you choose?

Polished concrete is a good cheap alternative to industries not needing protection from harsh chemicals. Warehouses that will endure heavy traffic choose epoxy due to its higher weight-bearing capacity. Restaurants that serve food and beverage are better off opting for metallic epoxy flooring, as it offers more protection from spilled beverages. Acids and other chemicals can etch the surface of concrete, making it look dull.

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