When it comes to first-class solutions for old, damaged concrete surfaces, Las Vegas Concrete Artisans is the name to trust. Residential and commercial properties in the Entertainment Capital of the World deserve something more than plain concrete. Why settle for good when it can get better? Decorative Concrete Contractor Charleston Heights, NV are highly popular for very good reasons. These restore concrete slabs, breathing new life into them. These coatings are durable, functional, aesthetically-pleasing, and, not to mention, economical.

Reliable Concrete Flooring Company with Over 20 Years of Experience

We are more than happy in providing Concrete Flooring that are nothing short of the best. But it is not enough to offer quality services. It is also crucial to hire a contractor who is professional enough to handle your project professionally and with admirable customer service. Here are a few important things that can help you decide if you should hire us:

stained concrete floor

  • We have more than 20 years of professional experience, specializing in concrete resurfacing, refinishing, and repair.
  • Las Vegas Concrete Artisans are licensed, insured, and bonded.
  • Have a question in mind about Concrete Flooring? We are open to inquiries and consultations. We also provide free property assessments.
  • We are very particular with craftsmanship so we make sure that, whether we are resurfacing patios, pool decks, or driveways, it reflects our impeccable work and attention to detail.
  • We give price quotations at no extra cost.
  • Clients we have worked with have expressed their satisfaction through positive feedback and you are more than welcome to check them out.
  • Each installer in our team is very knowledgeable about the different solutions we offer.
  • We care about our installers and we made sure they wear protective gear and observe safety during installation.
  • Privacy and convenience are very important to us so we make sure that we perform surface preparation, application, and finishing in the least invasive way possible.
  • We only hire hard-working individuals who provide results that they can be proud of.
  • Each member of our team has at least a decade of satisfactory experience in working with concrete.
  • We would be more than happy to provide more detailed information and free quotations.

FREE Consultations on Decorative Concrete – Stamped Overlays, Stained Concrete, Epoxy Flooring, Spray Texture etc.! 

Decorative stamped overlays, epoxy flooring, stained concrete, and other resurfacing solutions are quite new to most people. We would be happy to share helpful information for those who are interested in updating or restoring their concrete surfaces. Our staff is equipped with all the information necessary to help clients choose and decide. During a free in-home consultation, we check the concrete surface that needs resurfacing of refinishing and we evaluate its condition and size. These are two important factors in coming up with an accurate quotation. We encourage clients to ask all their questions during the free consultation, this way, we can address them immediately.

We are committed to providing Concrete Flooring that surpass client expectation. We make sure that each project is planned and prepared with utmost care to ensure successful results. Call or email us in your free time and let’s discuss your dream project thoroughly.

Top-of-the-Line Concrete Coatings & Overlays for pool decks, patios, driveways, garages and more! 

concrete patio with trowelled texture
Concrete is and has always been an ideal base material. However, it has reached a new status nowadays, all thanks to its versatility and cost-effectiveness. It can be restored, refinished, and resurfaced and with excellent results. Property owners can forget about having to look at plain concrete pool decks, garages, patios, and interior floors. Concrete surfaces can now acquire stunning aesthetics, improved function, and impressive durability.

There is a wide range of applications, each with its specific purpose. Choosing the right coating or overlay is crucial in optimizing the look and function of a concrete surface. Here is the list of decorative solutions we offer and a brief description of each:

Stamped Concrete OverlaysOften used on concrete patios, driveways, and pool decks. This overlay can be customized by stamping patterns on it. Popular patterns include ashlar, flagstone, brick, tile, fractured slate, and more.

Stained Concrete Stained Concrete – Indoor and outdoor concrete surfaces can both benefit from concrete stains. Acid stains cause chemical reactions that create random effects and shades. Water-based stains, on the other hand, are more consistent in color.

Sprayed Knock Down Texture – This is an acrylic concrete coating that is sprayed on a concrete slab using a hopper gun. The sprayed material is then knocked down with a trowel, creating a textured finish. This is often used on pool decks because it is slip-resistant.

Epoxy Flooring – This two-part material, made up of resin and hardener, cures to a very hard material perfect for garage floors. Because of its low porosity, dirt and chemical spills stay on the surface, making it easy to clean and maintain.

Polyurea Polyaspartic Coating – Originally formulated for industrial use, this coating is extremely durable and long-lasting. What makes this so popular is that it is a 1-day install material. It only needs a day to install and cure completely.

Cost of Concrete Resurfacing, Refinishing & Repair

Cost is a big deal when it comes to remodeling a home or commercial space. Not everyone has a big amount of money to splurge on a concrete surface. Fortunately, Concrete Flooring is affordable. There are many different factors that could affect the cost. Wider concrete spaces incur more charges because the rate is measured per square foot. Complicated and multiple designs cost more because it requires more work. Custom add-ons like hand-staining and manual scoring can also make the project more expensive. Although these can add to the costs, it still is an economical option over concrete replacement.

Personalized Residential and Commercial Concrete Surfaces

Regardless of how big or small a project is, we make sure that it is handled professionally. Our customer’s needs and wants are very important to us and we try to meet them as much as possible. We welcome any idea, suggestion, and feedback. As long as it would benefit our client, we are more than willing to apply the fix. If we have an alternative solution, we ask for the client’s approval before doing it.

Updating or restoring concrete surfaces is a serious remodeling project. It is important that we inform you, our customer, about every single detail you need to know. If you have questions, we’d be glad to answer them for you. We make sure that you experience only top quality customer service while working with us.


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Our mission is to provide first-class services and solutions for residential and commercial properties in Las Vegas, NV. We specialize in concrete resurfacing and refinishing, both for indoor and outdoor settings. Las Vegas Concrete Artisans is proud to say that we have over 20 years of professional experience in the concrete industry. We are confident that we have what it takes to go beyond your expectations: craftsmanship, impeccable attention to detail, and efficiency.

Get ready to be blown away. Call or email us now and let’s talk about your Concrete Flooring project ideas.

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