Step By Step Process Of Concrete Staining

You recently moved into a new home in Las Vegas or acquired a historic house. 

Now, you’re probably thinking of revamping the spaces at your home. And there is no other way to begin with than resurfacing the Las Vegas interior floors.

You could be a new tenant at an apartment, or you need a good start as you welcome a New Year.

But whatever time of the year it is for you, there is one practical approach to reviving an old and overused floor in your property.

Empty apartment floor

Have you heard of stain indoor concrete? You probably have. Staining is a coloring process for various materials, including textiles, wood, metal, and of course, concrete.

Today’s post discusses the steps involved in staining. Find out if you can do this yourself, or better, hire a professional interior floor installer.

Start with the basic steps you need to do if you consider sitting on the floors at home.

Staining Process - Five Basic Steps

So it is true that you already heard about the stained concrete, which is not a surprise since it is one conventional flooring method.

You could relate it to waxing the floors in the old times to create a warm, opulent look on the surface of the slabs.

Now it may seem to do, but here are essential steps that you should not miss when thinking of getting stained concrete.

Step 1- Prepare Materials

Of course, you need to prepare materials before any procedure takes place, and it is a hassle to search and buy the material every time you perform a step.

Also, it is essential if you know you have the material. Because if you don’t, it is way better to call and hire an expert concrete contractor.

You can use the cost to buy and access material and hire a skilled worker instead. Professional contractors would not worry you about materials.

Since this has been their living for a long time, they sure got what you need.

Step 2- Prepare Surface

Floor care machine used to clean floor

Probably you do have the materials and are ready to take on the task. Now, the next essential step is to prepare the surface.

You may not hire a professional flooring contractor, but you can do the procedure as the pros do it. Here’s how:

So during slab preparation, all you need to think about is to make sure that the application will adhere to concrete effectively.

There are consequences when you would not comply with the staining properly. Here are a few why:

  • Staining can not be reversed. Once applied, it is there forever
  • The staining solution may be too thin or thick, causing an unpleasing effect on the floor
  • You may stain a wrong flooring area
  • You may struggle to control the staining application and apply the uneven solution on the slabs
  • The staining may not adhere efficiently and would fade in no time

So to avoid the above mentioned precautions, then you must ensure everything is in place, and the slabs are prepared well.

Step 3- Apply Stain

At this step, remember that when you apply the staining compound, wear protective gloves. And if it is acid staining you are doing, make sure to wear a protective eyepiece.

You have complete control in applying the staining. The tip is to use moderately and apply a thin layer at first to see the scope of the slab, then apply as needed.

Step 4 - Add Second Coat

Applying stain on concrete

Once you apply the first layer of staining, the second help of another layer is a must. The first application is your base, and see how rich or thin the staining you want.

You mustn’t overdo the first. The second coating is where you achieve the look that you want.

Also, the second coating adds another tone of coloring to create contrast and customize a stained look on the floors.

Step 5 - Add Sealer

The last and final essential step is to seal coat the stained concrete. The seal coating is crucial to keep the colors and durability of the floors last.

The sealer will protect the concrete from moisture, and thus, it covers any pigment in finishing applied on it.

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