Concrete sealing Las Vegas helps the floors extend their lifespan, and it prevents common damages caused by deicers, stains, oil, and chemicals that spill on the floors. This should be done especially for outdoor concrete floors like stamped concrete driveway, patio refinishing or  spray texture pool deck .

One of the concrete floor’s key features is applying the sealers. The most effective sealing is done every three years. You might be wondering if you can do the task on your own.

Our latest blog guides you in the step-by-step concrete sealing process. See if you understand the process, and if you think you can do them skillfully, then no doubt that the floors are yours. But if not, consider getting the help of professionals. Jump in!

Sealed and unsealed concrete walkway

Concrete Sealing Do It Like The Pros: 7 Essential Steps

Seven steps make effective concrete sealing. If you want to do it as the experts do, you must be as nitty-gritty as the pros. Following the detailed process of applying the sealers is the real secret to the unmatched result of the professionally built concrete floor.

Step 1: Prepare The Surface

The first step is to prepare, and this would involve cleaning the floor of stains and dirt that had gotten stuck for a long time. Before any sealer is applied, make sure that the surface area is smooth and with no single ounce of sand, debris, or cement.

Step 2: Stripping The Surface

This second step involves removing old sealers or any residue of old concrete coating. Here you might need to roughen up the slab’s surface to ensure that the concrete is stripped off its old skin.

Step 3: Etching The Concrete

This third step is crucial when applying a sealer or clear finish on the concrete floor. Using an etching solution that deep cleans the surface allows the new coating to adhere to any flaws effectively. The steps ensure that the concrete floor has been removed from its old skin to pave the way for a polished and clean sealing.

Step 4: Applying A Thin Coat Of Sealer

Apply the first layer of the sealer. You only need a thin amount of the sealer at this step, just enough to cover the entire surface area. This is like a primer that ensures the concrete has a base sealing. The outcome would, later on, reveal a seamless look. Thus pouring too much the first pouring would only create uneven contrast on the surface.

Step 5: Coating The First Layer

Let the first layer of coating dry completely. This will help the final layers of the sealer adhere effectively.

Step 6: Apply The Second Layer In The Opposite Direction

The second to the last step involves the application of the second layer of the sealer. This time, apply the solution in the opposite direction. The concrete sealer would cover up the entire space, not leaving any sot untreated.

Step 7: Curing

At last, you are down to the final step. You must observe and follow proper curing. Only you will know that the process is complete when the coating chemicals have adequately cured. The floors are protected, and the coating won’t fade or wash away under extreme use.

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