Overcoming Extreme Weather with Concrete Driveways

Living in areas with extreme weather conditions can cause your concrete driveways more damage. With frequent changes from hot to cold to rainy climates, the concrete surface becomes worn out faster than in places with less intense weather.

Las Vegas weather can cause frequent maintenance for your driveways, which would cost you too much expense for repairs.

In this blog, learn the best solution for concrete driveway resurfacing.

luxury house with wide driveway

Can Concrete Withstand Extreme Weather?

In places like Las Vegas, the weather will have summers with intense heat, and temperatures occasionally fluctuate throughout the year.

If you often find cracks on your concrete driveways, it is because of the heat that contracts and expands the concrete slabs.

When this happens, it is time for resurfacing.

Resurfacing Worn Out Outdoors: No Floor Change Needed

With resurfacing, you do not have to change the floors as often as the weather changes. Resurfacing makes the outdoor floors resistant to weathering and minimizes the signs of worn-out concrete surfaces.

This is because the process involved with resurfacing is quick and easy.

It consists of repairing the existing slabs. So with this in place, you are not required to change the concrete foundation and base materials.

Options for Resurfacing the Driveways for Heat-Intense Areas

You can apply different treatments to worn-out outdoor driveway floors, making them durable in the long run. Also, it will make them heat-resistant.


First, you have to resurface with overlays. An overlay is an application that involves applying a fresh layer of thin concrete onto existing slabs.

Say you have cracked concrete driveway flooring. You can resurface it with an overlay. The overlays are best finished with stamped patterns, another practical enhancement to ordinary concrete.

The driveway will not only restore its strength, but it will also bring new beauty to it.

garage with concrete overlay driveway

Specifically with Stamped Concrete

As already explained above, concrete driveways are best finished with stamps. But it’s better for overlays.

If you plan to create a new driveway immediately, go for stamped concrete overlay. This saves time and extra effort. Now that you know the great things about the stamping treatment, have your concrete driveway contractor in Las Vegas provide it on your properties. This will minimize the instances of cracks in the outdoor concrete.

It will last longer than a plain, cemented driveway. In an instant, you can avoid having to see thin cracks on the driveway surfaces.

contemporary house with stamped concrete driveway

Staining for Style

Staining the concrete will do the magic if you opt for something less complex and only requires a quick retouch.

Stained concrete driveways are a perfect combo, giving a simple stunning curb appeal.

Banking on the concrete’s natural beauty, your property will turn heads by providing a driveway and entryways with a smooth surface that is easy on the eye.

Adding Strength to the Concrete Driveways

With the popular decorative applications above, you will add strength to your driveway floors. Those are refinishing touches that seal the existing cracks caused by intense weather.

It helps give the concrete a more compact feature. It adds density to the material so that no matter the weather, your driveway floor remains strong and withstands the harshness of heat and cold.

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