5 Tips for Cleaning a Concrete Patio


The concrete patio is part of your living space. Although you don’t get to spend most of your day outdoors, it still needs to be cleaned, as much as you would the rest of the house. Here are some tips in cleaning a concrete patio: 1. Clear the Concrete Patio First and foremost, make sure that you work in a clear space. Remove all outdoor furniture, potted plants, and other patio accessories you may [...]

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Impressive Benefits of Sealing a Concrete Pool Deck


It is not a secret that concrete is a durable material. Everyone knows it that is why it has maintained its status as the mostpopular construction medium. However, it is a very porous material. Dirt and liquids easily penetrate past the surface, one reason why it stains easily. Pool decks, for example, is always exposed to water and sun. To keep it from staining or getting damaged easily, the surface must be sealed properly. [...]

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Stone Pool Deck Plans: How to Pull It Off


A swimming pool is more than just a luxury. It is a place for enjoyment, family bonding, exercise, and relaxation. With all these, it might as well be a necessity. Sometimes, the traditional type just does not give the fulfillment your heart is yearning for. For the ultimate swimming and lounging experience, why not go for a natural stone deck? You can use real stones, a stamped stone overlay, or faux stones for this [...]

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6 Pool Deck Ideas for Keeping Kids Safe Around the Pool


Drowning is the leading cause of unwanted deaths for children 1 to 4 years old. About 87% occur in residential pools. This is very unfortunate because this type of cause is preventable. There are many ways that can be done to keep this from happening to your kids or even to your neighbor kids, in case they wander into your pool area. Make the Pool Deck Slip-Resistant Some children fall into the pool unintentionally. [...]

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3 Practical Pool Deck Repair Options


As soon as the first crack is noticeable, it can get quite nerve-wracking because it may signal the beginning of more concrete pool deck damage to come. In the past, the solution would be to just ignore it as long as it won’t cause death or to have the whole pool decking removed and then a new one installed. The former is insane and the latter is expensive. Fortunately, there are practical pool deck repair [...]

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