What is the Best Material to Resurface a Pool, and How Much Does It Cost?

Before and after the summer seasons is the best time to resurface the swimming pool decks. So, by now, you must prepare and start to plan your schedule and begin to compute the cost to resurface pool.

Previously, you learned how to ask and talk with experts of resurfacing services near you on the last blog you read. One-click away, and you can easily have them visit your site and evaluate the pool decking requirements.

concrete pool deck with knockdown texture

In todays’ post, learn how much resurfacing will cost you. To answer that, first, know or choose the best material to resurface your pool.

The Best Material for Pool Deck Resurfacing

Pool deckings need durable materials to make them. It must be able to defend against the damaging effects of water. Good thing several materials provide adequate durability and water resistance.

Here are some of them:

  • Concrete
  • Pebbles 
  • Tiles
  • Quartz
  • Fiberglass
  • Plaster


Concrete pool deckings are the most durable material and also the one that you can create different patterns and colors with. Colored concrete floors is also a great option if you are after aesthetic. 

Both residential and commercial pool owners prefer resurfacing the pool decks with concrete for it is cost-efficient. 

Concrete Resurfacing Cost

The concrete pool resurfacing cost depend on two things, material, and labor.

 with concrete will depend on two things, material, and labor.

The national average of concrete material for resurfacing pool decks ranges from $6,000 to $1,000. When labor is included, the average cost will total up to $100,000.

concrete resurfacing las vegas

The average cost for pool resurfacing will be for a typical pool area size. In Las Vegas, the standard residential swimming pool is 5 square meters with at least 3.6 feet depth to 8 feet, without diving.

Pool Plastering

Pool plastering is a conventional material for swimming pools. Also called marcite, plaster is way less expensive than concrete. Residential pool owners benefit most from this material.

Since it’s cheap, it is easy to resurface the swimming pools since you will not have to save bucks. And pools at home will not encounter too much traffic so that they will last long with proper care.

However, the cons that you need to watch out for are cracks and stains that occur more often. If not handled well and not appropriately maintained, pool plaster will require replastering every year.

Resurfacing with Pebbles

There is a famous brand, Pebble Tec, that services resurfacing pools with pebbles.

Pebbled Swimming Pool Cost

The average cost for pebbled pools is $9,000. That estimate consists of both material and labor. Like concrete pebble pools also last as long as 20 years.

Resurface a Pool with Tiles

Tiles are practical to use for resurfacing the swimming pools and also the decks around them. Therefore, a homeowner on a budget will benefit from using tiles. Another go for those swimming pools that do not go under heavy foot traffic. 

If a tile piece gets damaged, only that damaged part will require maintenance. And what’s more excellent about this is you can DIY repair it.

For Tiles replacing a piece on occasions will only cost a homeowner $50. If you want to change from something high-end to a more user-friendly pool material, tile resurfacing will cost around $30,000, including labor.

The final pool resurfacing cost with tiles will depend on the tile product or design you will use.

Ceramic Tiles: $6

Porcelain tiles: $4

Glass Tiles: $20-$25

Swimming pool with blue tiles

Labor cost will also impact a change in overall cost. Expect to pay higher labor fees for a larger pool area size.

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